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Our signature class is a pilates inspired dynamic Reformer group class that will help you improve your overall strength, flexibility and posture in no time. Join a workout that combines the best of pilates inspired movements with dynamic flows and yes, great music. You will feel the energy and drive in the room as we get moving together. Our workouts are not a walk in the park – they are tough. But so are you! If you’re ready to move with us, JUNE will help you improve your overall strength, flexibility and posture. You’ll soon experience the kind of feeling good that starts with a smile, sparks a positive chain reaction and touches every part of your life. The Dynamic Reformer classes are adjustable for all levels.

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This workout routine involves a powerful blend of cardiovascular kettlebell training and strengthening reformer exercises that can take your fitness to the next level. By using kettlebells, you can quickly raise your heart rate and start burning fat. Then, by transitioning to the reformer, you can continue to work on building overall strength and improving your posture. This combination of exercises can help you to enhance your fitness, increase your strength, and yield visible results in a short amount of time. However, it’s important to note that this workout is not recommended for beginners. We suggest that you complete at least five dynamic reformer classes before attempting this routine. Additionally, you should not have any health conditions that may be negatively impacted by cardiovascular training.

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